Copy of Mission


About Us

Benchmark Builders was named for its mission: to establish a new benchmark for the construction industry. Today, Benchmark is one of the largest interiors contractors in Manhattan, with a reputation for outstanding client satisfaction built on a history of delivering projects on time and within budget.

But more important than the size of operation is the attention to detail that we give to every project that we undertake. Benchmark recognizes that clients invest more than just financial resources into their interior spaces. They invest their time and trust in a builder that will understand the vision they’re creating for the future of their company or business.

Our employees embrace the dedication, expertise and professionalism that keep our clients coming back to Benchmark when they have new or expanded projects, knowing that we’ll guide them through the process and add value along the way. Our people take extreme pride in what they do for our clients.

We take pride in our ability to not only exceed expectations in our existing projects, but also to continue attracting new, high-caliber projects that establish a new benchmark for the industry.
— Fred Sacramone, Principal
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bench·mark |

\ ˈbench-ˌmärk

noun | benchmark is defined as “a standard of excellence or achievement, against which others are measured or judged”—a worthy objective.


Our Mission

Our mission is to maximize our customers’ business and exceed their expectations by delivering creative and innovative spaces that provide an environment where their team members can achieve the best results possible for the company, its customers and stakeholders.

Core Values


Deliver on promises made to employees, clients, customers, partners, shareholders, and family.

Search for a Better Solution, Then Top It

Think, Create, and Innovate. Explore new ways of doing things that solve problems and result in optimal outcomes for our customers.

Own Your Actions

Make smart decisions and be transparent and motivated by what is best for the company, our customers, and shareholders.

Accept Nothing Less Than Excellence

Always commit to excellence and delivering results. Strive for better outcomes at work, life, and in our community.