Our Impact


Our Impact

Quality construction management is the hallmark on which Benchmark Builders has earned its reputation as one of the preeminent contracting, infrastructure and construction firms in the New York market. We create award-winning business environments—functional, efficient and healthy corporate workspaces and interiors that support the success of businesses, retailers, restaurants, non-profit organizations, educational facilities, and broadcast studios.



Million Dollars ANNUAL REVENUE

Projects range in size and scope, from $500K to $120M+, from office suites to full floors, to multiple floors built out in multiple phases, in some of New York City’s most renowned buildings.



Years Serving NEW YORK CITY

Our knowledge of the local pricing market is second to none and our pricing data has been generated from actual NYC project experience, not theory.




5 Executives, 4 Directors, 4 General Superintendents, 18 Project Managers, 40 Superintendents, 7 Estimators, 1 Site Safety Manager, 1 Legal Advisor and Licensed Attorney, 8 Assistants, 6 Administrators, 2 Marketing Specialists, and 40-50 laborers