Our Process


Our Process


Quality Control and Assurance.

At Benchmark Builders, we don’t just build. We build better. Our strong track record of building high-quality projects within schedule and budget has earned Benchmark a reputation as one of the preeminent builders in the greater Manhattan market. Quality control is not an add-on or a separate service, but rather a philosophy that guides every project that we manage, from pre-construction through close-out. The BBI project manager, superintendents, and quality control supervisors walk the project on an ongoing basis, coordinating details and the sequencing of work, and addressing any issues as they occur. We believe that having more eyes looking at a project is a key to proper quality control.

In addition, Benchmark is committed to running a clean project. While cleanliness has a positive impact on safety and productivity, it also directly affects the quality of the work installed. When craftsmen know that they can install their work correctly the first time, in a clean and organized manner, and that the work will be protected by other trades, they take more pride in their work – and that quality of craftsmanship is evident in the finished project.


Benchmark Builders is committed to safety, because it’s good for our business and good for our clients’ projects. A safe and healthy workplace protects workers from injury, reduces absenteeism, increases productivity and quality, and enhances employee morale. All of our personnel have completed OSHA classes and continue their education through workshops and training programs. A safe work environment directly benefits the well-being of the workers, and reduced injury and accident rates help minimize lost time and lead to more competitive insurance rates for BBI and our clients.


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