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pre-construction logistics

While the Construction phase of a project might involve the most visible activity, the Pre-Construction phase is filled with a number of important tasks and checkpoints. Diligence during this phase can reduce overall costs, reduce change order exposure, shorten the project schedule, ensure availability of materials, and improve quality. Benchmark Builders typically provides the following services during the Pre-Construction phase, which can be tailored to meet specific project requirements:

  • Information Gathering

  • Field Survey / Building Punch List

  • Project Scheduling

  • Cost Estimating and Budgeting

  • Value Engineering

  • Constructability Review

  • Long-Lead Item Identification

  • Pre-Purchase Item Procurement

  • Site Logistics Plan

  • Contracting Strategies

  • Subcontractor Selection

  • Bid Packages

  • Bid Review, Analysis and Award

  • Safety Evaluation

Estimating/Cost Control/Competitive Bidding

Because it is critical for the client to understand their expected costs for construction as early as possible, one of the most important functions of a construction manager during the Pre-Construction phase is managing the Cost Estimating or Budgeting process, which begins immediately when the project is awarded. Once a budget has been established, it is critical for the Construction Manager to monitor the design progress and ensure the budget is tracking against the estimate. As the design of the project is developed, Benchmark will prepare generational quantity surveys that will show the client in real time how their decisions are affecting the dollars they are planning to spend and in what areas of the job they are focusing their money.

All estimating work is performed in-house by Benchmark’s estimating staff, utilizing a comprehensive database that incorporates historical data and reflects current market conditions. Our extensive construction experience, coupled with our ability to estimate projects in all phases of design, enables us to provide a very detailed and highly accurate cost estimate, even at very early design stages.


The key to reducing change orders during construction starts with painstakingly complete bid packages, an initiative in which Benchmark provides unparalleled service. Bid packages summarize and provide to the subcontractors all the information acquired during pre-construction, in order to provide thorough and accurate information so the best possible and most complete pricing is obtained from vendors. Our typical Bid Packages include:

  • Instructions to bidders

  • Insurance requirements

  • List of all contract documents

  • Wage rates

  • Unit prices

  • General project requirements, including work hours and phasing

  • Detailed trade scope of work

  • Detailed project schedule

  • Logistics plan

  • Building rules and regulations

  • Special sales tax, ICIP, or IDA requirements

  • Pre-purchased specifications and information

The completed drawings and specifications are combined with the bid packages and issued to the subcontractors for bidding purposes.

Benchmark analyzes and levels the bids for scope and pricing. This includes confirmation of quantity analysis, schedule and manpower, review of subcontractor qualifications or exclusions, and clarification of scope understanding. We integrate the feedback that we receive from the other design professionals who will have likewise reviewed the raw bids. We then present a Bid Analysis spreadsheet with all supporting documentation, indicating initial and final bid amounts with all adjustments noted, scope inclusions and exclusions, wage rates, and quantities, where applicable. Following the Client’s approval of subcontractors, Benchmark will prepare detailed subcontracts for the successful bidders, including all appropriate documentation along with a more refined scope of work.


A successful project not only stays on budget, but also on schedule. Ongoing monitoring of the master schedule with progress in the field will identify any potential timing issues and address them immediately, in order to initiate solutions that maintain the key project milestones such as Room Ready, Furniture Ready, Cable Ready, Security Ready, Audio-Visual Ready and Move-in, among others. Benchmark reviews project schedule compliance at all subcontractor meetings to immediately identify any deviations and ensure that subcontractors take the necessary steps to realign their activities with the master schedule.